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About Us

Who are our students? 

English Language Learners who have 2 years or less in the United States. 

Our Goal: 

To support and challenge our students to acquire the English Language, to help every student pursue a rigorous academic program, and to provide students with an engaging and happy high school experience. 

Special Courses: 

Our students have the opportunity to to take AP (Advanced Placement) courses like AP Spanish, AP Environmental Science & AP Calculus. We also have a College Now partnership with Lehman College. 

Graduation Rates: 

83% in 2018-2019 

90% in 2019-2020 


Trains: 2 or 5 Busses: BX12, BX8, BX39, BX22 Location Christopher Columbus Campus: 925 Astor Ave, Bronx, NY 10469