High School of Language and Innovation is a high school in the Bronx that serves newcomer English Language Learners. HSLI is seeking outstanding teachers for the 2019-2020 school year who are NYS certified in the following areas: ESL, ELA, Chemistry, Social studies, Math, and Special Education.
HSLI teachers:
  • Actively develop their leadership and teamwork skills in daily common planning, and do a large amount of co-teaching, planning, and inquiry together.
  • Create rich classroom environments that allow students to learn independently through extensive and well-organized resources.
  • Teach heterogeneous classes of English Language Learners at all levels.
  • Take and maintain maintaining records of student conferencing, reading records, and lesson artifacts to inform planning.
The successful candidate will demonstrate:
  • Willingness to seek professional growth, receive constructive feedback and implement it, and contribute to the professional growth of colleagues.
  • Ability to design curriculum based on Common Core State Standards and content curriculum.
  • Ability to teach academic work habits and behavior, and coach students to take ownership of their own learning.
  • Excellent classroom management skills.
Work schedule and Salary. As per the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Applying. All hiring will be done through the 18D process for new schools in New York City. Interested teachers should email a cover letter and resume to the principal, Julie Nariman jnariman@languageandinnovation.org.